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1986 Blood Red Maria Collogero    
1987 Crime Story:"The Survivor" Traci Altman    
1987 Firehouse Babs    
1987 Satisfaction Daryle Shane Satisfaction  
1988 Miami Vice:"Mirror Image" Holly Wheeler    
1988 Baja Oklahoma Candy Hutchens    
1988 Mystic Pizza Daisy

Mystic Pizza

1989 Steel Magnolias Shelby Eatenton Latcherie

Steel Magnolias

1990 Pretty Woman Vivian Ward

Pretty Woman

Updated 9-01
1990 Flatliners Rachel Mannus


1991 Sleeping With The Enemy Sara Waters    
1991 Dying Young Hilary O'Neil

Dying Young

Updated 2-27-01
1991 Hook Tinkerbell    
1991 The Player Herself    
1993 The Pelican Brief Darby Shaw    
1994 Ready To Wear Anne Eisenhower    
1994 I Love Trouble Sabrina Peterson    
1995 Something To Talk About Grace King Bichon    


Friends:"The One After The Superbowl" Susie Moss    
1996 Mary Reily Mary Reily    
1996 Michael Collins Kitty Kiernan    
1996 Everyone Says I Love You Von    
1997 My Best Friends Wedding Julianne    
1997 Conspiracy Theory Alice Sutton    


In The Wild Herself    


Murphy Brown: "Never Can Say Goodbye; Part 1 & Part 2" Herself    
1998 Stepmom Isabel Kelly    
1998 Sesame Street Herself    


Law & Order:"Empire" Katrina Ludlow    
1999 Notting Hill Anna Scott

Notting Hill

1999 Runaway Bride Maggie Carpenter

Runaway Bride

Updated 9-01
2000 Erin Brockovich Erin Brockovich


2000 Wild Horses In Mongolia With Julia Roberts Herself    
2001 The Mexican Samantha Barzel    
2001 America's Sweethearts Kiki Harrison America's Sweethearts pictures available 10-18-01
2001 Oceans 11 Tess Ocean    
2002 Full Frontal      
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