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December 28, 2001- I have added screen captures from Blood Red & Notting Hill
November 21, 2001- I have added screen captures from America's Sweethearts & Stepmom and the scans from Esquire
October 17, 2001- I have added screen captures from Satisfaction, SteelMagnolias, Flatliners, My Best Friends Wedding, Friends and many more pictures added to the site.
March 25, 2001- She did it! Julia won an Oscar! I have screen captures available on the album-awards page and video of the great event on the multimedia page.
March 12, 2001- I have once again changed the look of this site for a more simplistic feel. I have also added some video files from my collection. Unfortunatly the tape most are on is in horrible condition so they don't look too great, but I hope you enjoy them. I have also added a montage of sorts of Julias award winnings since her first Golden Globes win in 1990 for Steel Magnolias and last nights SAG award.
Disclaimer:I have been a fan of Julia's for over ten years, everything on this site is from my personal collection of images which is way over 1,000. I have no connection to Julia and this is intended only for entertainment purposes. Please do not reproduce anything from this site.Thank You- Andrea Gidusko