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Julia 1969

Julia & Eric 1969

Julia & Family 1969

Julia 1971

Julia 1974

Julia 1975

Julia 1976

Julia 1977

Julia 1978

Julia 1980

Julia 1983

Julia 1983

Julia 1984

Julia 1985

Julia 1985

Julia 1985

Julia 1985

Julia & Betty

Julia & Betty

Lisa, Eric & Julia 1985



Julia, Eric & Lisa

Julia, Eric, Lisa

  Julia & her neice (Erics daughter) Emma

Disclaimer:I have been a fan of Julia's for over ten years, everything on this site is from my personal collection of images which is way over 1,000. I have no connection to Julia and this is intended only for entertainment purposes. Please do not reproduce anything from this site.Thank You- Andrea Gidusko